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Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl


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BRAND NAME :  Pamelor

Brand Name

Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl

Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl Uses:

Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl is prescribed for the relief of symptoms of depression. Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl may be also prescribed to treat chronic hives, premenstrual depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children, and bedwetting.

Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl Dosage:

Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl is available in tablet and liquid form.Consult your doctor if you cannot take the tablet form of this medication.

Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl Contraindications :

If you are sensitive to or have ever had an allergic reaction to Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl or similar drugs, you should not take this medication. Make sure your doctor is aware of any drug reactions you have experienced. Do not take Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl if you are taking or have taken within the past 14 days any MAO inhibitor (the antidepressants Nardil, Parnate.) Combining these drugs with Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl can cause fever and convulsions, and could even be fatal. Unless you are directed to do so by your doctor, do not take Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl if you are recovering from a heart attack or are taking any other antidepressant drugs. If you have been taking Prozac, you may have to wait at least 5 weeks before beginning therapy with Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl. A drug interaction could result.

Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl Side Effects:

Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl side effects may include : abdominal cramps; agitation; anxiety; black tongue; blurred vision; breast development in males; breast enlargement; confusion; constipation; delusions; diarrhea; dilation of pupils; disorientation; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; excessive or spontaneous flow of milk; excessive urination at night; fatigue; fever; fluid retention; flushing; frequent urination; hair loss; hallucinations; headache; heart attack; high or low blood pressure; high or low blood sugar; hives; impotence; inability to sleep; inability to urinate; increased or decreased sex drive; inflammation of the mouth; intestinal blockage; itching; loss of appetite; loss of coordination; nausea; nightmares; numbness; panic; perspiration; pins and needles in the arms and legs; rapid, fluttery, or irregular heartbeat; rash; reddish or purplish spots on skin; restlessness; ringing in the ears; seizures; sensitivity to light; stomach upset; strange taste; stroke; swelling of the testicles; swollen glands; tingling; tremors; vision problems; vomiting; weakness; weight gain or loss; yellow eyes and skin.
Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl side effects due to rapid decrease or abrupt withdrawal from Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl after a long term of treatment : headache; nausea; vague feeling of bodily discomfort; These side effects do not indicate addiction to Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl.

Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl Overdose:

Symptoms of Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl overdose may include :agitation; coma; confusion; congestive heart failure; convulsions; dilated pupils; disturbed concentration; drowsiness; excessive reflexes; extremely high fever; fluid in the lungs; hallucinations; irregular heartbeat; low body temperature; restlessness; rigid muscles; severely low blood pressure; shock; stupor; vomiting.

Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl Missed dose:

Take Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for the next Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl dose, skip the one you missed and go back to your regular schedule. If you take Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl once a day at bedtime and you miss a dose, do not take it in the morning, since disturbing side effects could occur. Never take 2 doses at once.

Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl Storage:

Keep Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl in the container it came in, tightly closed and away from light. Be sure to keep Nortrilen, Pamelor, Aventyl out of reach of children; an overdose is particularly dangerous in the young. Store at room temperature.

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